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how to use ghee in common lifestyle problems

cow ghee is most nutritious among our all regular food. we shuld add 1-2 tablespoon of cow ghee in our daily diet. there are many mentions in our vedas, upanishad and ayurveda about uses of cow ghee to solve our common lifestyle problems.

Weak Digestion:

Due to lake of physical work our digestive system get more weak day by day,take one tablespoon of ghee before every meal to improve digestion. you can also use the mixer of desi cow ghee, jaggery and ginger powder, take this mixer just before every meal.

Hyper Acidity:

You have to take 15-20 gram ghee in morning breakfast if u suffering from hyper acidity. you can also make sabji, dal etc by using ghee instead of oil.


In modern lifestyle there is lots of people suffering from headache because of stress,you have to add cow ghee in your daily diet for prevent this tension headache.If you are suffering from headache put 2 drops of desi cow ghee in both nostrils in the early morning

Foot burning:

Food burning is problem of execessive pitta, massage your foot daily with warm desi cow ghee.


desi cow ghee is best suited food for those desiring intellect,memory and intelligence. Application of cow ghee in over the scalp area helps to calms mind down. In depression start your day breakfast with 2-3 tablespoon of ghee,which is very much helpful to fight against depression.


Make a solution with equal part of ghee and water or ghee and beasan(gram flour) and apply it on your face. wash off after 15minute for skin that looks and feels gorgeous.


Just massage your scalp with warm desi cow ghee mixed with equal part coconut oil, this will nourishes your scalp and encourage hair growth and you can also put 2 drops of desi cow ghee in both nostrils in the early morning for white hair and hair fall.


Desi cow ghee contains large amount of vitaminA which is very helpful to improve eyesight. ghee along with triphala is used to improve eye health.

Allargic Rhinitis:

Before go out, apply a thin layer of desi cow ghee in inner wall of nostrils. it realy helps to avoid dust allargy.

Mouth ulcers:

Take a gargle or oil pulling of ghee for mouth ulcer. this is specialy useful to heal oral ulcers and to relieve burning sensation.

Joint pain:

Ghee is extremely high nourishing,it keeps the joint well lubricated and enhance their friction free movement. eat 10-15 grams of desi cow ghee daily for your joints. you can also massage the painful joint with ghee twice a day to increase the blood circulation and minimize the wear and tear of cartilages.


In ayurveda texts ghee is described as a food which improve sexual ability. desi cow ghee nourishes male and female reproductive system and organs. It is indicated for people who indulge in daily sex.


The 70% growth of the child's brain is done only in the mother's womb. The element called 'cerebroside' is essential for the formation of a cerebellum a part of the brain which is available only in Indian desi cow's milk-ghee in 100% compound form. Therefore by taking of deshi cow's ghee, the development of the child's brain is very good.

Even in ancient Ayurveda, the brain is believed to be made of a kind of fat. According to Ayurveda, cow's ghee is considered to be the best in all the "Sneha(fat)". Therefore, according to the Ayurvedic texts, there is a very good development of the child's brain in the womb through cow's ghee. so in pregnancy, every woman should eat ghee of Indian cows every day


As per ayurveda ghee is food for strengthen heart. as per modern also desi cow ghee lowers bad cholesterole and increase healthy cholesterole. desi cow ghee is reach in CLA and OMEGA3s which necessary for keep heart healthy and reduce risk of heart disease.

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