"क्षीरधृताभ्यासो रसायनानाम श्रेष्ठतमम !!"

Why grass fed ghee?

cows have not a factory of vitamins and fatty acid, a cow produces vitamins and fatty acids from we give them as a fodder.their is many types of cows fodder like green grass fodder, dry grass fodder, green and dry grain fodder, dry pulse fodder. there is different nutrition value in all types of fodder we give to our cows. highest nutritional value is in green grass fodder. therefore we will increase the percentage of vitamins and fatty acids by giving fodder of green grass to our cows.

we will also improve quality of our green grass fodder by organic farming and by using indigenous grass variety of our area. there are more nutritious properties in grass fodder which is raised by giving cow dung and cow urine as a fertilizer and pesticides. this milk and ghee are also free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

In Vedic gir gaushala, we have cultivated "jinjavo" grass which is our local variety of Saurashtra Gujarat.we cultivate this grass with 100% organic farming to raise vitamins and fatty acid levels in our cow's milk and ghee.

We will increase some special fatty acids and nutrients about 2-3 times more than traditional fooder.!

CLA(CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACID) : traditional fodder-about 75mg and organic grass fodder-150 to300mg

OMEGA3s(ALPHA LINOLEIC ACID): traditional fodder-about 40 to 50mg and organic grass fodder -120 to150mg

HYTONUTRIENTS: traditional fodder-about 8 to10mg and organic grass fodder - 30 to 40mg

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Nature Roots Ayurveda/Vedic gir cow ghee is pure, natural and farm fresh ghee, Made from organic grass fed gir cow’s A2 milk. we work with only desi cow mainly gir cow. We are passionate about Vedic culture we maintain our gir cows and our farm with values and methods described in our Vedas.

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