"क्षीरधृताभ्यासो रसायनानाम श्रेष्ठतमम !!"

The Gir Cow

the gir cows are most gentle among all zebu breeds. they love being with humans and also aspect love from humans. the geographycal area of origin of breed the gir forest. in present time this cattle is spread over the district rajkot, junagath, morbi, bhavanagar, ammreli and all saurashtra rigion of gujarat. the gir cows have a resistant to hot temprerature and topical diseases. gir cow have a variety of colour red to speckles, yellowish red, red with white spot and white with large red spot. gir cows are highly fertile and clave very regularly. the gir is best cow breed all over the world.

Surya Ketu Nadi!

The gir cow have a surya ketu nadi(vein) in the hump, passing through her backbone. this surya ketu nadi absorbs energy and radiation from sun, moon and all luminaries from universe. the gir cows milk, butter and ghee has golden hue because surya ketu vein produce gold salt in her blood. this salts are present in the cows milk, urine and other bodily fluids, which miraculously cures many diseases.