"क्षीरधृताभ्यासो रसायनानाम श्रेष्ठतमम !!"

Benefits of cow ghee based on Ayurveda

“ स्म्रुतिबुध्यग्निशुक्रोज: कफमेदोविवर्धनम,
वातपितविषोंन्मादशोषालक्ष्मीज्वारापहम ! ” -Charak

  • Improve memory and intellect
  • Improve digestion power
  • Boost immunity
  • Improve sexual ability
  • Lower ‘vatta’ and ‘pitta’ dosha
  • Detoxify body
  • Healing properties for insanity(madness)
  • Good for muscle nutrition

Effect on doshas: Modern lifestyle pattrens have silent negative effacts on our body. our food habits and lifestyle like high intake of spicy, testy and fast foods, bad meal timing, over eating, less of physical work, travelling, stress, anger, fear, emotional imbalance, these all physical or mental activities are silently increase vata dosha and pitta dosha in our body as per ayurveda. Charak samhita(holy sanskrit textbook of ayurveda) sutrasthan chapter 25 mention "सर्पिर्वातपितप्रशामनानां" means desi cow ghee is best among all foods and drugs for decrease of vata and pitta dosha. So we can maintain our increased vata and pitta dosha simply by adding desi cow ghee in our daily diet.

क्षीरघृतभ्यासो रसायनानाम श्रेष्ठतमम!!!

According to ayurveda continuous consumption of cow ghee with warm cow milk is the best among all anti aging food or medicine

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