"क्षीरधृताभ्यासो रसायनानाम श्रेष्ठतमम !!"

About us

Inspired by numerous mentions of showing the importance of cow and cows milk and ghee in Veda and Ayurveda and Upnishad, Ayurveda physician, Dr. Bharat Detroja started Vedic Gir Gaushshala at lakhdhirnagar, near morbi in 2012.

Dr.Detroja has great faith in veda and our ancient vedic culture. during his research of Vedic culture he saw that the reason behind our ancestors long and healthy life is cows milk and ghee where the main part of their diet. He strongly belive that we have to restore cows milk and ghee as our main food to live long and healthy life.

Under guidance of Dr.bharat Detroja – Ayurveda, we produce liquid gold- "ghee" by using traditional, natural and animal friendly Vedic techniques. Vedic Gir Gaushala is committed to provide best quality, high in medicinal value, hygienic and real mean "ghee"

Despite his high qualification like Doctor,for his critical work in the field of Gopalan, Dr. Bharat Detroja, honored by the Government of Gujarat, by giving “best pashupalak reward 2013”