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Fat Ingredients Of Ghee Totally Depend On Ghee Making Process

There are several techniques used to make ghee in commercial dairy farming. This techniques directly effect on the fat contain of ghee, it contains more unhealthy fats. This type of ghee is not real mean ghee it called as butter oil or butter fat.

To get real mean ghee we have to use ancient ghee making technique which is called as "bilona ghee". Ghee which is made by this technique is rich in good and healthy fat. This ancient technique is not easily applicable in huge quantity of milk in commercial dairy. Let us understand 4 steps of real mean healthy ghee.

STEP 1: Fresh, Raw, Unprocessed A2 Milk is boiled and naturally convert into curd.

STEP 2: Curd is then churned with a wooden churner, a method traditionally called 'Bilona'.

STEP 3: The makkhan(butter) obtained in the process of churning is then separeted.

STEP 4: The separeted makkhan is then boiled in thik earthen pot on mild cow dung cake fire.

Now it's time to think. Is your ghee contains healthy fats? Because fat is most important contain that effect on our daily health and body energy level. Your body energy level makes your day more productive.

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