"क्षीरधृताभ्यासो रसायनानाम श्रेष्ठतमम !!"

Founder's Thinking

Unhealthy food habits and wrong lifestyle may lead our world to a major challanges of physical and mental health of individuals. Millions of people are livig under the costant fear of facing physical or mental illness. Most people understand the reasoning behind a healthy food habits even if they dont understand the disease process that can occur when they dont maintain healthy food habits.

In recent decades, Food as an important factor of health is more interested by researchers. We can save ourself by healthy food habits, From preventable chronic lifestyle disease like obesity, diabetese mellitus, hypertension, poor digestion, cardiovascular disease and several type of cancer.

Ayurveda texts provide best guideline about healthy diet. Now a days whole world accepting the principals of Ayurveda for living long healthy life. Ayurveda has traditionally considered desi cow ghee to be the healthiest source of edible fat with many beneficicial properties. As per ayurveda texts desi cow ghee also improves memory,intellect and strengthen the brain and nervous system. Desi cow ghee is the one food which has very strong and posotive on both physical and mental health.

Achievement: Despite his high qualification like Doctor,for his critical work in the field of Gopalan, Dr. Bharat Detroja, honored by the Government of Gujarat, by giving “best pashupalak reward 2016”>

What is bilona made A2 Ghee?

Did you ever think about the source of milk, Which is used to make your desi cow ghee ghee before purchasing from super market?
Did you know the fat contain of desi cow ghee varies depending on the ghee making method?

All commercial ghee manufacturer mostly source their milk from villages and don’t have any control on milk quality. specialy there is no possibility to source only A2 milk because mostly they have all milking animals like desi cow, buffalo,jersey cow, goats etc.

The ghee you buy from big brands are mostly made by cream or high RPM using modern dairy technology. this type of technique destoys all good fat contain and also converts into harmfull fat for human body. To get health benefits of good fat in desi cow ghee one should have to make ghee by traditional bilona method.

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Vedic gir cow ghee/Aurochs A2 Ghee is pure, natural and farm fresh cow ghee, Made from gir cow’s A2 milk by traditional bilona method. We are passionate about Vedic culture we maintain our gir cows and our farm with values and methods described in our Vedas.

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Why Vedic Gir Gau Ghee?

Under guidance of Dr.bharat Detroja – Ayurveda, we produce liquid gold-desi cow ghee by using traditional, natural and animal friendly Vedic techniques. Vedic Gir Gaushala is committed to provide best quality, high in medicinal value, hygienic and real mean "DESI COW GHEE"

Desi (Gir) Cow

We use only gir cows nutritional A2 milk for making our GHEE. "Gir" is best cow breed from all Indian Indigenous cow breed

Grass Fed

Our cow’s are fed with variety of organic grasses which are described in our Vedas. so our desi cow ghee have a all goodness of grass fed ghee. Grass fed cows milk has more nitritional values

Cruelty Free

We providing our cows comfortable standard of living and treat with loving behavior like family member. Most importantly our claves are given first milking preference. We ensure that our cows stay stress free and exhibit their natural behavior. Only happy and healthy cows give us real sattvik ghee

Traditional Method

Made by using the most natural and vedic method called “bilona”, This method ensures right balance of all fatty acids in our A2 ghee. this ghee is also known as bilona ghee

A2 Milk

Milk that contain purely A2 protein with no A1 protein, A2 ghee is naturally easy to digest and didnt relaese any harmfull fat during digestive process like A1 ghee.


Natural healing properties with no side effects. In ayurveda desi cow’s bilona ghee is described as a medicine in several lifestyle problems.

Benefits of cow ghee based on Ayurveda

“ स्म्रुतिबुध्यग्निशुक्रोज: कफमेदोविवर्धनम,
वातपितविषोंन्मादशोषालक्ष्मीज्वारापहम ! ” -Charak

  • Improve memory and intellect
  • Improve digestion power
  • Boost immunity
  • Improve sexual ability
  • Lower ‘vatta’ and ‘pitta’ dosha
  • Detoxify body
  • Healing properties for insanity(madness)
  • Good for muscle nutrition

क्षीरघृतभ्यासो रसायनानाम श्रेष्ठतमम!!!

According to ayurveda continuous consumption of cow ghee with warm cow milk is the best among all anti aging food or medicine

Effect on doshas: Modern lifestyle pattrens have silent negative effacts on our body. our food habits and lifestyle like high intake of spicy, testy and fast foods, bad meal timing, over eating, less of physical work, travelling, stress, anger, fear, emotional imbalance, these all physical or mental activities are silently increase vata dosha and pitta dosha in our body as per ayurveda. Charak samhita(holy sanskrit textbook of ayurveda) sutrasthan chapter 25 mention "सर्पिर्वातपितप्रशामनानां" means desi cow ghee is best among all foods and drugs for decrease of vata and pitta dosha. So we can maintain our increased vata and pitta dosha simply by adding desi cow ghee in our daily diet.

The Vedic Way

Real method for make healthy ghee with all goodness of good fat

Gir Gay

Most gentle zebu breed cow. worlds best milking indian cow breed

Cruelty free Gopalan

Only happy, healthy and stress free cows give us "sattvik panchgavyas"

What is A2 Ghee

Why A2 Ghee has more health benefits? What is real source of A2 Ghee in India?